Session Pricing

Session III Summer 2019: June 24th - August 18th, 2020

Session I Fall 2019: 

August 26th - January 26th, 2020 (19 weeks of class - includes holidays & no class dates)

Session II Spring 2020: 

January 27th - June 14th, 2020 (19 weeks of class - includes holidays & no class dates)

Class Rates for Fall and Spring:

30 minutes $59.28/month (19 classes per session)

45 minutes $69.16/month (19 classes per session)

60 minutes $77.93/month (19 classes per session)

75 minutes $91.09/month (19 classes per session)

90 minutes $109.35/month (19 classes per session)

When you register online, your tuition due will only include one session of tuition. 

You will automatically be enrolled in session II in January and the second round of 

tuition will be added to your account. 

You must submit in writing if you are discontinuing after session I to avoid being charged.

*Holidays, Days off and Dress Rehearsal dates are already 

deducted from the monthly tuition price.

All Boys 50% off Tuition!

(this excludes camps, intensives and company rehearsals)

MPA offers a 10% discount on the total cost of 3 or more registered classes per family.

MPA offers an additional 5% discount for those paying for the entire year (must include full payment for the Fall and Spring Session. Does not apply for Summer Sessions or company dancers. You must register through the front desk for this discount to apply.).

Please email to inquire on payment plans and Dance Company pricing. 

Private lessons available upon request.


Monthly Payment Terms

Those who are enrolled in monthly autopay will automatically be deducted an equal monthly tuition rate along with an administration fee from your credit card on file on the 5th of each month. Monthly autopay will automatically be set up when you register. You must inform the front desk if you would like to make other payment arrangements.



A) Students enrolled in classes may cancel their session Agreement in writing by email or letter. If a student needs to withdraw from a class for any reason, a notice must be given in writing. Unless a parent or guardian signs and dates the “Class Withdrawal” letter, the parent or guardian will be responsible for tuition payments through the end of the session. Calling or leaving a message, telling a friend, or notifying a teacher are not accepted as forms of withdrawal. There is a withdrawal fee.

The withdrawal notice begins from the date the withdrawal letter is received. If a student who has paid for the full year/semester withdraws before the end of the year/semester, they will forfeit any discounts and their account will be readjusted. Any amount that remains will be left as a credit on your account for up to two years to be used by that student (or, as a courtesy, may be transferred to a sibling for future tuition). 

B) Tuition and registration fees are non-refundable. No credits or refunds are given for Costume fees, or Performance Fees.

Winter and Spring Recital Registration

Students will receive participation and order forms for the Winter Showcase in September 2018 and for the Spring Recital in October 2018. Dancers choosing not to participate will learn choreography in class with the other students in the same way as if they were participating. Costume orders for the Spring Recital are due by November 1st, 2018. Recital costumes must be ordered in November to ensure adequate time for shipping. MPA has no control over the making, shipping or quality of the Recital Costumes ordered. 

Dancers registering for classes after November 1st, 2018 will be given an opportunity to order a costume up until February 1st, 2019. However, we cannot ensure the costumes will be shipped in time for the Spring Recital performance. 

*If registering after February 1st, 2019, please contact the front desk for information on participating in the Spring Recital. 

Promotions. Momentum Performing Arts reserves the right to use MPA student photographs or videos for promotional use at any time without notice.