Performance and Technique Classes

MPA offers three sessions of classes per year: Fall (September-February), Winter (February-June), Summer (July-August). Students are welcome to join us at any point during any session. 

Performance classes will commit to a Winter Gala, including variations from the Nutcracker, and Spring Recital each season. MPA is also affiliated with the American Academy of Ballet and offer students an opportunity to perform in the American Academy of Ballet Performance Awards. Our Musical Theater program offers Musical Theater students a chance to perform in a kids version of a Broadway show. Other Performance opportunities include Six Flags Great America, Disney Florida, Kalahari Resorts, Community Parades and festivals.

Technique classes offer students a chance to focus solely on technique without the pressure of choreography and performance commitment. All technique classes may also be used as Drop-In classes.

Class Offerings

Mommy & Me (18 month-3 years)

Little Dancers Ballet/Tap (3-5 years)

Creative Movers (2.5 - 4 years)

Basic Ballet/Tap (4-6 years)

Tumble Tots (4-6 years)

Hip Hop Tots (4-6 years)




Hip Hop



Musical Theater

Broadway Jazz


Contemporary Jazz & Hip Hop

Class Descriptions

Mommy & Me

Dancers at a young age are encouraged to listen and follow directions through movement, rhythm and music. Guardians are with dancers to interact through class, with the goal of dancers being able to come into class at the end of the year by themselves. 

Little Dancers Ballet/Tap

Little Dancer classes offer dancers two classes in one to better expand their knowledge of dance vocabulary. Each class begins with 25 minutes of ballet and finishes with 20 minutes of tap. Dancers will perform both styles of dance in the recital.

Basic Ballet/Tap

Basic classes are for the experienced little dancer. Dancers are now in a 60 minute class in which they will learn ballet and tap. The focus and attention span has lengthened and students expand their dance vocabulary to understanding skill, formations, and technical terms.

Tumble Tots

A basic intro class to dancers interested in tactical movement. The range of body motion and strength is introduced to young tumblers on mats and apparatus. Tumblers will focus on balance, core strength and coordination.

Teen Classes

Not all dancers start at a young age. Intro classes give those dancers who have found a passion for dance at a later age start in an age appropriate class with other students increasing their knowledge at a faster pace. 


Acro focuses on strength, flexibility and acrobatic tricks including somersaults, cartwheels, aerials, flip flops and much more. 

Jumps and Turns

Improve your technique and learn the skills required to perform jumps, turns, leaps and tricks used in styles such as ballet, jazz and contemporary. This is a technique only class.

Broadway Jazz

Love upbeat Musical Theater? Broadway jazz will utilize popular Musical Theater songs seen and hear on Broadway. Dancers will learn not only to use their technique, but become characters performing on stage. 

Contemporary Jazz

This class takes contemporary and jazz and fuses them together to create out of the box shapes and movement phrases. Dancers will focus on learning how to take their basic jazz technique and explore where else the body can take us while still utilizing the years of jazz technique that has been used as a base. 


Dancers will learn sharp motions, turns and jumps in this upbeat class. Poms is a mix between Cheer motions and dance tricks. Strength and stamina come in handy in this multi-task class!

Hip Hop

Hip Hop blends street style with commercial dance to upbeat and sometimes musically challenging music. Dancers will learn to move and absorb the beat of the music they listen to. This is also a great class for the dancer looking to get out of their shell and show off their dance skills in their everyday social setting!

Open Classes

Open level classes are available for students of ages 6 and up, in any level to register for. These classes are great make-up classes and classes for the student in between levels or wanting an additional class of a style they are currently enrolled in.

Dress Code

Creative Movers & Mommy & Me

Any movable clothing the child feels comfortable in, barefoot, and hair out of face.  

Little Dancers & Basic Dancers Ballet/Tap

Any color leotard, ballet skirt (optional), pink tights, pink ballet shoes, tan mary-jane tap shoes, hair in a pony tail or bun.  

Ballet & Pointe

Any color leotard, ballet skirt (optional), pink tights, pink canvas ballet shoes, hair in a bun. 

Lyrical, Contemporary and Contemporary Jazz

Any color leotard or fitted crop top/bra top, leggings or dance shorts, barefoot, hair in a bun.  

Jazz & Broadway Jazz

Any color leotard or fitted crop top/bra top, leggings, dance shorts or jazz pants, tan slip on jazz shoes, hair in a bun.  


Any color leotard or fitted crop top/bra top, leggings or dance shorts, hair in a bun. Beginner Tap: tan mary-jane tap shoes. Intermediate & Advanced Tap: black lace up tap shoe

Jumps & Turns

Any color leotard or fitted crop top/bra top, leggings, dance shorts or jazz pants, choice of shoe (ballet, half sole, jazz), hair in a bun.  

Acro (including Tumble Tots)

Any color leotard or fitted crop top/bra top, leggings or dance shorts, barefoot, hair in a low bun, pony tail or braid.  

Hip Hop (including Hip Hop Tots)

Comfortable clothing (not including jeans, jean shorts, etc.), clean rubber soled black tennis shoes that are used in the studio only, hair is dancer's choice.  


Any color leotard or fitted crop top/bra top, leggings, dance shorts or jazz pants, tan jazz shoes, hair in a bun.  

Contemporary Hip Hop & Jazz Funk

Comfortable clothing (not including jeans, jean shorts, etc.), shoes by instructor’s choice, hair is dancer's choice.  

All clothing and shoes can also be found at, search Momentum Performing Arts, and passcode mpadance5678.